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What we do : Customer Profiling and Analysis

PROFILING1-minCustomer profiling analysis is an essential part of brand strategy. The first step towards creating a powerful brand positioning, detailed pen pictures, that helps in creating a differentiated marketing plan. Moreover in today’s digital world, a strong user definition is required for an impactful, cost effective in-bound marketing plan.

Centric’s principals personally manage research design, insight gathering and analysis to bring alive a business-friendly pen picture of the end customer. They also offer their expertise in marketing communication to help translate research findings into actionable positioning platforms, develop new products and co-create impactful marketing campaigns. We believe in results, not reports.


Business scenarios where Centric can help

Centric’s customer profiling services are helpful for firms who want to grow faster than their competition by creating sharply targeted and high impact marketing campaigns. Our profiling services are useful for firms in the following situations :

  1. New Product Launch
  2. New Geography Expansion
  3. Reviving Brand Growth
  4. Understanding Barriers and Triggers to Trial
We provide customer profiling services for both B2B and B2C companies based on proprietary research techniques, in-use observations and data analysis. Our experienced consultants also help create focussed marketing plans that leverages the strength of sharper profiling.


Customer Profiling in a B2B Context

PROFILING2-minCentric has a proprietary customer profiling tool that leverages social media analytics and interprets results on the basis of decades of real world experience. The focus is on ensuring the marketing campaign is designed for success in terms of quality of leads and higher customer engagement.

The Centric Tool Kit offers user profiling in terms of career information, academic background, job description, life stage and other relevant parameters.

We also provide a visual presentation of the customer pen picture that facilitates new product development and creative campaigns.

Our customer profiling services have been used by companies in multiple categories including – IT, HR, Building Material and Financial Services. Engagements have benefitted business managers who want to grow using a cost effective, in-bound marketing campaign.

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Customer Profiling in a B2C Context

PROFILING3-minCentric offers a mix of secondary research, social media analytics and primary research to provide a sharply defined profile of customers. Our focus is to ensure the brand owner understands the end consumer in order to create relevant products and a differentiated marketing campaign.

The Centric Tool Kit includes:

  1. Mystery Shopping
  2. In-Use Observation
  3. Social media analytics of user generated content for profiling
  4. Concept Testing using Sequential Recycling
  5. Depth interviews

Our services are useful for companies who are in the process of launching a new product or trying to revive brand growth. Customer profiling analysis have benefitted firms in multiple categories including Apparel, FMCG, Mobile Applications, Travel Services etc.

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