Outsourced Sales Support


Why do growing firms need Experienced Sales People? 

An experienced and properly trained salesperson increases the chance of product placement by close to 50%. 

Firms looking to grow require access to the right sales resources in a cost effective manner. At Centric, we provide an outsourced sales support service that helps firms scale-up quickly in a highly competitive world. Our offering includes pragmatic, fact based sales strategy and experienced  feet on street for last mile execution support. Plus our plug and play model ensures quick go to market and cost-effective channel entry.

Centric’s Outsourced Sales Support Platform is helpful for firms who want to benefit from our decades of sales experience in categories like FMCG, Apparel, Travel amongst others.  Our services are designed for the following business contexts:

  1. New Product Launch
  2. New Geography Expansion
  3. Reviving Brand Growth


The Centric Outsourced Sales Platform

We work closely with the client to help them draw up a realistic, insight – driven and trade proofed retail strategy. Once the plan and supporting elements are in place, we provide outsourced sales support to help the business vision come alive. Our deliverables are granular  and include the following.

Trade Insight based Business Plan

Centric provides a fact based business plan that takes into consideration the barriers and triggers for new product trial /adoption by trade. This is based on our own experience in multiple categories, competition bench-marking and detailed trade feedback. 

  • Foundational Research : Competitive Context Mapping, Consumer Profiling and other elements necessary for a successful retail operation
  • Trade Feedback based on Key Account and / or General Trade interactions
  • Sales and Distribution Strategy and partner identification
  • Cost of Launch / Retail Expansion and working business plan for decision making

In Summation : Our business plan includes channel wise detailed sales projection, investment required and time frame to break even.

Based on the same, clients take a go-no go decision regarding launch in the market. We encourage fact based decision making based on brand offering, competitive context and cost of retail entry. Once the company decides to launch, we help them test market in a single city – by providing outsourced sales support for retail launch.

We believe a new firm should test market their offering in a single city and learn from that experience prior to investing in a national launch. Based on on-ground experience, the leadership team can change their national launch plans to be more effective in the long run.

Last Mile Execution Support

At Centric we provide firms with last mile execution support. Our outsourced sales consultants help firms reach the trade in a structured and process driven manner. Our sales engagements are structured around agreed business numbers. We provide experienced and qualified resources who can help companies scale up efficiently.

Each engagement has 4 key members:

1. Principal Consultant who will run the engagement with at least 15 years of CXO level experience

2. Senior Sales Consultant who will open doors for the brand in Multi – Brand Outlets, Stand Alone Stores and other channel specific outlets. They also identify & manage the distributor relationship.

3. Key Account Manager who ensures brand introduction to Modern Trade and negotiates entry at the right price.

4. Marketing manager who provides POP design, event collateral and social media support to ensure secondary off-take.

Our team works to achieve business plan numbers in sync with the client’s team.


Our Engagements:

Centric’s Outsourced Sales Service Platform has been used by organizations across categories including Apparel, Household Care, Foods and Solid Waste Management. As each engagement is different in terms of brand offering, competitive context and sales challenges – we ensure our approach is customized as per the client’s requirements.

We track our performance against key metrics, measure impact of work done and recommend quick course correction measures. This ensures the Outsourced Sales Support team works like an extended arm of the client’s team. Our approach along with direct involvement of our Principals ensures strong and effective working relationships.

Over the past three years, our clients have benefited from our decades of real world experience, wide network of trade partners, experience in managing retail relationships and ability to work in a structured manner. We help our Clients using a mix of sales strategy and execution support as follows:

  1. Sales Strategy : Business Plan, Performance Management and Course Correction
  2. Outsourced Sales Support : Distribution Mapping and Desired Outlet Coverage status | Structured Door Opening | Order Booking and Follow Up on replenishment |  Account management | Feedback and Course Correction

In summation: 

This Metric Driven and Cost effective Approach towards scaling up sales ensures the business plan is met and course correction can take place  in a timely manner.  Once critical mass has been achieved, we help the client identify sales people who are trained by us and can take over operations from stable state.

Our outsourced sales service costs are transparent. Cost of a single city launch in pegged at the salary of a regional manager – as per industry norms. All the above mentioned services are included in the offering.

Centric has helped Start Ups meet business targets using Outsourced Sales Support in categories like Apparel, Household Care, Foods, Solid Waste Management etc.

To know more about Centric’s Outsourced Sales Support Platform click here or contact rini@centricbrandadvisors.com


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