The Eternal Challenge : Linking Marketing to Sales

The Eternal Challenge : Linking Marketing to Sales

I was asked to suggest a marketing plan that would increase sales by a significant amount. With limited budgets and in a short period of time. And no discounts.


We are talking about a new offering (sort of) which no other person is offering. So the challenge is creating Awareness ….right? But the client also wants immediate results.


As we all know, the average person has the attention span of a gnat – so focussed advertising works. Now how do we link ads which are attempting to create awareness to business results in the immediate future. 


Large organizations and excellent research firms have been trying to do this for a long period of time. But for my clients, who are /small and have limited budgets, doing lots of research and experimentation is out of the question.


In this situation, I replied based on my experience as a practicing marketing head. Understand the consumer – sharply define the brand offering – make simple and attractive creative that gets the message across. Then do a 360 degree marketing in limited locations.


And spend some money.


Rapid and clean awareness rarely happens on a shoe string budget in the Brick and Mortar world.

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