B2C​ ​Brand Strategy

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The Centric Approach to B2C Brand Strategy

Centric Brand Advisors, have real world experience in B2C brand positioning and marketing strategy across multiple categories. As a leading marketing consulting firm based in Bangalore, our guiding principle is based on understanding the consumer’s needs, evaluating the competitive environment and identifying the best way to leverage a brand’s offering for success. We arrive at a brand positioning strategy after a detailed understanding of the brand essence (USP), key pillars of differentiation and reason to buy based on relevant and in-depth research.

At Centric we also provide last mile support. Once the brand strategy is in place, we offer our expertise as marketing consultants with decades of real world experience, in translating strategic brand positioning into effective marketing strategy.


Business scenarios where Centric can help

Centric’s B2C Brand Strategy support is helpful for firms who are interested in growing faster than their competition or want to scale up with professional support. Our services help firms in the following situations :

  1. New Product Launch
  2. New Geography Expansion
  3. Reviving Brand Growth

Our Marketing Consultants are data driven and research focused. We offer a wide range of in-house research services to support the branding decisions taken during the course of the engagement. We also offer business constructs based on our professional experience in Multi-National Companies supported by our consulting work in Start-Ups and Small-Medium Enterprises.


Centric Tool Kit

b2b-1The centric tool kit for B2C Brand Strategy is based on secondary research, social media analytics and in- depth primary research. All research is conducted by principals themselves and is the basis of recommendations.

The tool kit harnesses primary be-spoke research, social media analytics, secondary market research, and customer profiling techniques, to create an information repository. Based on the same insight is distilled, workshops are conducted and branding strategy suggestions are made.

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Key deliverables and Last Mile support

b2b-2Based on the Centric Tool kit, the principals leverage their sectorial and functional knowledge to determine the following marketing touch-stones:

  1. Brand USP
  2. Positioning Platforms based on brand offering, competitive context and customer requirements
  3. Brand differentiator(s) that resonate with customers
  4. Communication platforms in line with customer profile and analysis.
  5. Trade Feedback and suggestions for In-Store visibility
  6. Marketing consulting in terms of media mix, advertising brief and BTL activation ideas to meet business goals and marketing objectives.


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