Marketing Consulting


The Centric Approach to Marketing Consulting:

Marketing ConsultingWe believe the goal of marketing is to help the firm meet its business objective. Our pragmatic approach is based on our decades of real world experience and understanding of contemporary business challenges.

Our consultants understand business objectives, profile the customer and evaluate the competitive context prior to recommending a marketing strategy.

Our engagements involve re-aligning Brand Positioning based on Customer Insight and creating a Differentiated Communication Plan to achieve business goals.

  • We work with clients to figure out the best way to help the brand fit into the customer’s life and communicate its end benefits effectively.  Our marketing consulting integrate Traditional Communication and Digital Outreach for maximum impact.

Business Scenarios where Centric can help:

Centric’s marketing consulting services are helpful for firms who are interested in growing faster than their competition or want to scale up with professional support.

Our services help firms in the following situations:

    • Start-Ups and SMEs seeking marketing consulting to grow faster than competition
    • Organizations who want to launch new products or services in need of strategic marketing and business consultation
    • Firms looking for high quality, content based in-bound branding solution

Centric Tool-kit for Marketing Consulting

At Centric, we believe successful marketing is linked to consumer insight. Hence at the start of all our engagements, we work on understanding the competitive context, category drivers and core consumer insights. The engagement dovetails into a metrics driven, action oriented marketing execution plan that includes the following elements:

  • Brand Positioning based on Consumer Insight : This involves deteremining the Key Pillars of Differentiation in a Competitive context
  • Marketing Calendar : Insight based communication strategy with performance metrics to help meet business goaks
  • Communication Plan : Strategic Detail and Execution Consulting
  • Composite messaging : Traditional, Digital & Social Media & Content to create interest in Brand offering
  • PR & Events : Strategy and Execution Consulting
  • Internal Communication : Strategy and Execution Consulting
  • Agency Selection : Identification, empanelment and key deliverable mapping

Centric also provides last mile execution support to organizations who do not have a full -fledged marketing department. We function as their de-facto marketing consultant and marketing head, design strategic marketing goals in line with their business objectives and create a marketing calendar that is measurable and effective. We also strongly believe in last mile execution through which the companies can start or stabilize their marketing function and teams for future growth.

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