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Foundation working with State Governments for better outcomes



Our client is a foundation that works with State Governments across the country to deliver better outcomes. The organization is growing rapidly and attempting to attract and retain the right talent

They engaged Centric to arrive at an research based Employee Value Proposition with Communication strategy covering social media and internal communication to achieve desired objectives.



Our Approach

As the organization has thriving ‘central’ and ‘state’ level units, we spoke to people across all verticals and locations to get a good understanding of what the brand stands for from an internal perspective before layering with secondary research. Uur engagement had two phases:


Phase 1 : Internal Stakeholder Perspectives

This helped us define an insight based Employee Value Proposition that covered Culture, Opportunity, Management Quality, Work ethos and other aspects that impact employee perception and engagement.  These findings were layered with our real world understanding of current trends in this space and the existing research that is relevant to the context.


Phase 2 : Suggested Communication Strategy

As the Employee Value Proposition needs to be consistently and effectively communicated in order to be impactful, we recommended a details social media plan including a Calendar of Content and Templates for internal and external communication.


In addition : Our comms team also reviewed the work done by competition in this sector to determine existing positioning platforms and identify potential ‘open’ spaces which our client could own in a cost effective manner. 



Key deliverable

Our key focus was to define the Employee Value Proposition and communicate it in a manner that would help on-board the right profile of employees.


Employee Value Proposition:

  1. EVP Communication Strategy : Internal and External
  2. Calendar of Communication and Design Template for Social Media outreach


In addition, our research also highlighted some areas where HR intervention could benefit the overall engagement levels of employees. This information helped our client ensure key drivers of choice were being addressed in policy and communication. 



In summation

The Employee Value Proposition is being used to refine HR Policies and Internal Communication plans. In addition, the organization has started a social outreach campaign, as per our recommendations to attract the right profile of employees


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