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Our client is India’s leading private research institution dedicated to ecology and the environment.

The organization has been at the forefront of research in the areas of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development for over 3 decades and is well respected in this sector. However over time, there has been a lot of change in this sector - ranging from how research institutes are positioned, the manner in which research findings are disseminated and changes in drivers of choice that impact donors, influencers and other actors in the same.

The institute engaged Centric to arrive at an insight based positioning platform accompanied by suggestions on how to make their communication more relevant and compelling.



Our Approach

As the organization has a strong work culture, focusses on a niche but highly populated segment and is well respected in the sector, we recommended a two stage approach:

Phase 1 : Internal Stakeholder Perspectives

This helped us understand where they were and where they want to be.  And internal perspective on the barriers and triggers to growth in this competitive space.

Phase 2 : External Stakeholder Feedback

Depth interviews with senior donors / influencers/ partners who shared candid feedback about the organization, its strengths and weaknesses.  Plus the key drivers of choice for external stakeholders while deciding on engagements, donation recipients or research / implementation partners.

Phase 3 : Building a Brand Bridge connecting Internal Offering to External Drivers of Choice

Arriving at an insight-based positioning platform and pillars of differentiation that linked the organization’s core offering to the customer’s primary drivers of choice.

In addition : Our comms team also suggested a tailor-made communication calendar that would be cost effective and efficiently engage their internal and external stakeholders.



Key deliverable

Our key focus was to help the organization refresh their positioning platform and arrive at a compelling engagement strategy in the global environmental conservation space. Key deliverables included

  • Brand Positioning based on Internal and External feedback
  • Key drivers of choice that covered overall brand image, pre and post implementation perspectives and impact related metrics
  • Communication strategy for Donor engagement and Partner Acquisition that covered newsletters, blogs, social media posts and other digital outreach elements.

In addition, our engagement also identified key aspects of the organization’s culture and working style that makes their work unique. Subsequently, the leadership team has created systems and processes to formalize these aspects and ensure the organizations work ethos remains undiluted with time and growth.



In summation

New brand positioning platform, key pillars of differentiation and communication cues are currently in use. The organization has retained Centric as their ongoing communication advisor in an on-going capacity


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