B2B Brand Positioning

Positioning an Integrated Business Services Group



Our client is a leading player in the Business Services industry. Established in 1985, the company has been helping customers achieve their objectives by providing exceptional business services in all the markets they operate it.
As they prepare to take their rightful place in the group of the most respected companies in India, the leadership team felt it was the right time to present a new look to the world based on their positioning platform.

They engaged Centric to arrive at a group-wide positioning platform accompanied by a new look that would present a contemporary and relevant image to their stakeholders while remaining true to their past heritage.



Our Approach

As the company already has a strong and powerful brand, we approached the exercise with care to ensure core values were not compromised. Our preparatory work included depth interviews with 30 stakeholders to understand the brand strengths and positioning, review of past communication work, case studies of similar organizations in this space etc.


Our design team in parallel, spent time looking at design cues that work in this sector globally and understanding the key aspects of design that we should retain, to ensure continuity in identity.



Key deliverable

Our deliverables included:

  1. Brand Positioning based on Internal and External feedback
  2. Employee Value Proposition
  3. Revised Brand Architecture to facilitate a phased integration over time.
  4. New Design Identity
  5. Communication : Brochure, Company stationers, Posters, Corporate Deck, Website etc


In summation

We have been able to help the leadership team arrive at a comprehensive positioning platform, new design identity and communication support to address key touch points. The new look is currently in use and appreciated by internal and external stakeholders.


Relevant Case studies

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