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Marketing Strategy for MedTech Social Enterprise



Our client is a MedTech startup that works in the area of timely cancer detection through a low cost device that uses state of the art mechatronics and software.

After several years of research and development, the company had developed their first product to detect Cervical cancer using a computational pathology platform.

In order to have maximum impact at launch, the founder hired Centric to give the brand a new identity and marketing collateral that would lead to customer acquisition.



Our Approach

As our client is a medtech player targeting medical practitioners, we followed a two-fold approach:

Phase 1 : Defining Brand Positioning based on Internal and External Perspectives

Discussions with medical professionals (doctors, hospital staff and other influencers) on their current work flow, potential and current issues they require support for and how our client’s offering can help them achieve their objective. We also spoke to internal stakeholders on the brand’s value proposition and potential use cases. This information helped us determine who to position the brand for maximum impact in this space.

Phase 2 :Designing new brand identity and collaterals

Once the positioning platform was finalized, our design partner created the new brand identity, various ‘Go to Market’ collaterals and product branding options to support the launch.

In addition : Our comms team also reviewed the work done competition in this sector to determine most suitable ways to engage their customers.



Key deliverable

Our key focus was to help arrive at an impactful positioning platform and a compelling design identity. The key output of the engagement included

  • Brand Positioning & Key Pillar of Differentiation
  • Brand Identity and Marketing Collateral
  • Design Templates and Brand book for future reference
  • Social media calendar and content suggestions


In summation

The new brand identity, marketing collateral and social media strategy is currently being used by our client.


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