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Retail Launch Strategy for Branded Eggs



The promoter wanted to launch a branded version of his offering and sell direct to retail. As the retail launch is a time-consuming and high investment decision, fraught with risk, we recommended he take a decision on the basis of a ground up retail entry business plan with a detailed understanding of the cost of retail entry.

Our brief was to arrive at an insightful and data based retail launch strategy which included brand positioning, brand identity and packaging, trade feedback to the priced proposition and ground of business plan.



Our Approach

We worked in a phased manner to help the client arrive at a fact based decision.

Brand Positioning : Based on Founder Vision, Existing Product Portfolio, Competitive Context, Global Trends and Trade feedback



Key deliverable

Our client was able to arrive at a retail entry strategy that included ground up business plan, accurate feedback on distributor margins and MRP, cost of retail entry and an understanding of online vs offline platform'



In summation

CBA was able to help the client arrive at a comprehensive sales and marketing plan for retail launch.

Marketing : Brand positioning, packaging design and in-store collateral

Sales :  Trade feedback, margin structure, pricing strategy and granular ground up business plan. 

Investment :  Cost of retail entry, business plan for break even and investment to un a brick and mortar distribution structure



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