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Our client is an Agri business startup that operates in East and North East India. Led by a visionary founder, the organization works with over 5000 small farmers across their chosen geographies to deliver superior quality organic products.

The organization has established itself in a short period of time. However in the post covid situation, despite efforts made by the founder and well-wishers, they were unable to grow in a sustained manner.

The Social Enterprise and its Incubator engaged Centric to understand the barriers and triggers to sales based on customer feedback. And based on this information arrive as a realistic, ground up sales strategy.



Our Approach

As our client is a social enterprise with a clear social vision, we approached our engagement in two phases:

Phase 1 : Internal Stakeholder Perspectives

Discussions with Leadership team and investors / incubators helped us understand the organizations philosophy, its guiding principles and how the management wished to take the business forward. In addition, we were also able to gather some perspective on where they were and where they want to be with some hypothesis for growth.

Phase 2 : External Stakeholder Feedback

Depth interviews with current, lapsed and prospective customers have us a proper understanding of the competitive landscape, key drivers of choice and potential drivers of growth. We were also able to bring back fact based suggestions on how our client could maximize on their strengths.  The exercise also revealed some areas of weaknesses in the client’s side which they were able to resolve in an efficient manner.

Phase 3 : Arriving at an Insight based Sales Strategy

Once we had a clear understanding of the internal and external perspectives, we were also to arrive at a granular insight based sales strategy that covered various sectors of the market, product mix and manpower requirement.

In addition : Our comms team also reviewed the work done by brand and its competition in this sector to determine most suitable ways to engage their customers.



Key deliverable

Our key focus was to help arrive at a granular, insight based sales strategy that would help the client achieve their goals. Our deliverables included:

  1. Sales strategy based on Customer Feedback
  2. Merchandise mix suggestions
  3. Communication strategy to engage existing and potential buyers

In addition, our research also highlighted some potential problem areas where quick solutions were required. This information has helped the client ensure key drivers of choice were being addressed in communication and operations. 



In summation

Sales strategy is currently being implemented with desired results. The client has also expanded their sales team as per the recommendations made during the engagement.


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