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Our client is a full-stack Customer Data Platform that enables brands to take control of their first-party data from all sources and enables highly personalized campaigns that drive conversions.
As the company is now in a position to bid for global projects and establish an international footprint, the leadership team wanted to carve out an insight led brand position platform. One that would help them attract the desired customer and stand out from the crowd.
They engaged Centric to arrive at an insight based positioning platform accompanied by suggestions on how to make their communication more relevant and compelling.




Our Approach

As the company was growing rapidly and actively engaging investor, clients and current and potential employees, we structured our engagement in two phases:

Phase 1 : Internal Stakeholder Perspectives

This helped us understand where they were and where they want to be. And hypothesis for growth from an insider perspective.

Phase 2 : External Stakeholder Feedback

Depth interviews with senior leaders shared candid brand feedback, their drivers of choice and suggestions on how our client could maximize on their strengths. The exercise also revealed some areas of weaknesses in the client’s side which they were able to resolve in an efficient manner.

Phase 3 : Building a Brand Bridge connecting Offering to Customer’s Needs

Arriving at an insight-based positioning platform and pillars of differentiation that reflected the customer’s drivers of choice and the core offering of the brand.

In addition : Our comms team also reviewed the work done by competition in this sector to determine existing positioning platforms and identify potential ‘open’ spaces which our client could own in a cost effective manner. 



Key deliverable

Our key focus was to finetune the selling story by identifying pillars of differentiation that would help on-board customers in a highly competitive market.  Our deliverables included:

  1. Brand Positioning based on Internal and External feedback
  2. Key Pillars of Differentiation
  3. Communication strategy that covered blogs, social media posts and other digital outreach elements to bring alive the brand’s positioning platform.

In addition, our research also highlighted some critical areas related to implementation and customer feedback where quick solutions were required. This information has helped the client ensure key drivers of choice were being addressed in communication and operations. 



In summation

Current brand positioning platform and communication cues are used as pegs for customer acquisition pitched. The company has also incorporate the process of customer feedback from on-boarding to post implementation as part of their marketing teams key delivery areas.


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