Start Up Scale Up Solutions

Innovative startups struggle to acquire paying customers. We help you cross the chasm through MVP testing, comms for customer acquisition and ground up sales advice. Letting you scale up efficiently.

We offer business strategy and execution support to help scale up efficiently.

At Centric, we leverage our decades of real-world business knowledge to help start-ups grow faster with ground-up business advice, practical marketing inputs, and granular sales strategy with execution support.

Our Clients

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Quess Corp

Our Approach to Scale-up Startups


From the very beginning, we set a number of key values for ourselves, values that still guide our work thus far. Working on the services we provide. Our Company activities are based on the principle of efficiency in everything that we do. Profitability, commitment to achieve results using optimal resources and maximum payoff are the principal guidelines of our work aimed at getting additional competitive advantages.




We understand the business of building profitable organizations


Startups operate in dynamic environments where agility is of prime importance. At the same time, decisions taken in haste or on the basis of incomplete knowledge may have a detrimental impact. At Centric, we encourage our client’s to lean on our decades of past experience and contemporary cross-category knowledge to help them grow profitably.


Our Solution

Our offering includes minimum viable product testing, marketing strategy and communication design.

Value proposition definition for early stage start ups

We help early stage start ups define their brand positioning, product-price mix and customer acquisition strategy based on our contemporary consulting knowledge.


Insight driven brand positioning to facilitate customer acquisition

Start ups need to stand out from the competition by giving their customers a compelling ‘reason why’. We help them acquire customers by building an insight based positioning platform supported by a detailed communication strategy.


Fact based ‘Go to Market’ or retail launch strategy with detailed execution plan

Our granular launch strategy offering includes market mapping, research based customer segmentation and a ground-up sales plan based on trade feedback. We also provide marketing collateral required for the ‘Go to market’ phase of scaling up.


Out- Sourced sales support to help jump start customer acquisition or brand trials.

Start Ups can accelerate their sale process by using our plug-and-play model offering experienced sales consultants who facilitate last mile connects.

We understand the business of building powerful brands

Sales strategy and execution are the back bone of any company. Its’ about understanding your customer, addressing their needs and building a non transactional relationship with them over a period of time. It is a complex job and sales professionals benefit significantly from the advice given to them by senior professional based on ground up observations.

Marketing Strategy for Customer Acquisition

Designed for Start Ups who want to give their customers a compelling ‘Reason Why’ to choose them over the competition. Includes defining brand proposition, articulating a compelling USP, and preparing pen pictures of key customer segments. We also create go-to-market collateral including brochures, flyers, event layouts, sales decks, and website design.

Sales Strategy with Execution Support

Designed for Start-Ups who require a detailed, fact-based sales strategy to achieve business goals. Includes market mapping, customer segmentation, and trade feedback-based sales plan. We also provide experienced sales consultants to help jump-start sales by providing last-mile connects.